Simplicity 2766 Jacket

I've been sewing a lot lately and have more pictures and reviews to upload. Here's a new jacket. I should have picked a heavier weight fabric, but for a "muslin", it went together nicely and now I can pick another more substantial weight fabric to make another one. You can read the sewing review in my sidebar.

Edited to add: I received a comment that this is boxy and pilgrim-like. I appreciate the comment. The pictures show it on the dark gray side, but it is really more black with little white specks. What do you think? Too boxy, pilgrimy? I don't think pilgrims would be using those flashy buttons - lol. I was thinking of making a shorter version - not as short as the pattern, and also a different color.

Pearly's volleyball season is over at the local high school. Her JV team didn't do too well, but she was able to play Varsity and this week she will suit up with the Varsity. That has been a pretty big thrill for her as a freshman.

Anon  – (11/02/2009 12:59 PM)  

Usually I like the styles you sew, but that looks very boxy and pilgrim-y on you. Maybe if it wasn't gray.

Lostinindy  – (11/03/2009 7:31 PM)  

I have to agree that it has an Amish feel to it, but what really matters is if it's comfortable or not.

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