Boy Antics

So . . . . I’m still in the midst of processing pears for canning and came across a peculiar-looking pear with a “worm hole”. I looked closer and found that it was not a worm. Can you see it? What is it? This is just every day life at the Smith house full of boys.

Anonymous –   – (9/08/2009 7:28 AM)  

A tooth? A bullet? What?

shizzknits  – (9/08/2009 8:19 AM)  

Ok, I give. What is it? I would have guessed TOOTH...but maybe a BB???

kelly jo  – (9/08/2009 8:40 AM)  

No idea what that could be, but I am sure interested to find out! A rock? Jellybean?

Ames Family  – (9/16/2009 7:52 PM)  

It's an air soft gun pellet. They are all over my yard too!

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