Mama Paparazzi

So we have this old car sitting in our driveway. It was in the way of another vehicle, so Pearly went out to move it for us. She's not old enough for her license, but enjoys starting up the engine and moving it forward and in reverse every now and then to keep it running. (Hmm, Mom, does that sound familiar???) So, she was moving the car and happened to be wearing my old curlers. I quickly grabbed the camera because it so reminded me of the days when we would see ladies in curlers driving cars (why did ladies really do this? I don't get the purpose of putting your hair in curlers and showing them in public - what was up with that???) Well, next thing you know, I'm being yelled at, "Mama Paparazzi - quit taking pictures of me!" LOL Oh yea, and you better believe I uploaded it to her Facebook wall - the paparazzi mom that I am :)

Jodi  – (3/27/2009 5:08 AM)  

Yay mom!!! I would have done the same thing!!

Michelle  – (3/28/2009 5:15 PM)  

LOL,love the pic. My Mom said that wearing curlers in public meant you had a date that night. A sort of brag. : )

Tina  – (3/31/2009 6:46 PM)  

How funny!

I remember my grandma running around like

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