My baby's unplugged

Today PJ had the surgery to unplug his tear duct. He had to go under general anesthesia for a procedure that took only 13 minutes. But so far, everything looks good. He looked so sweet in the baby gown (click on the picture and you can see how cute). As soon as I went to the recovery room, he immediately wanted to nurse. He was so hungry from fasting for the surgery. Amazingly, the surgery had no ill effects on him. I'm also amazed at the wonderful staff. I don't ever remember such a positive experience at a medical facility. Tomorrow at PJ's post-op appointment, I will most definitely compliment the doctor on his very efficient and caring staff.

Smoov  – (5/18/2007 8:55 AM)  

What a cutie! And all that blonde hair. Glad to hear all went well.

Heidi  – (5/19/2007 1:19 PM)  

I'm glad to hear it went well too. We're going for surgery ourselves in a couple weeks, to fix crossed eyes. They say it takes 30-45 minutes, and the little ones are "back to normal" by dinner time. I hope so!

Take care PJ!

shizzknits  – (5/19/2007 2:00 PM)  

Yay for the successful surgery and easy recovery. He looks so cute in that gown. :)

Jodi  – (5/29/2007 8:17 PM)  

What a cutie he is!!! I have to read how it went, but from the previous comments I see it went well!

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