Our Family's New Christmas Present

Here I am, world!

Love this newborn shot with the baby still coated in vernix.

We welcomed a new baby this Christmas. My brother at the age of 38 had his first baby - well, his wife did all the work, but he would sure like to take the credit. I was able to be doula for my sister-in-law along with my sister. She did such a fantastic job. The OB ruptured her membranes at 3+ cm and 21 minutes later, the baby was born. It went so quickly that the doctor didn't make it in time. The L&D nurse did a wonderful job. Notice, she didn't even have time to put on her 2nd glove. Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

baby boy, 8 lb 3 oz

shizzknits  – (12/26/2006 12:02 AM)  

awwww!congrats to you, aunty, and to your bro and his wife. Sweet baby!

Jodi  – (12/26/2006 5:24 AM)  

Awww what a precious gift!! Congrats!!

The Davenport Dozen  – (12/26/2006 12:00 PM)  

Congrats to you all!

Gotta love OB's who break a woman's water and immediately leave, not even hanging out a while to see if she goes fast or not!

Thank goodness the nurse wasn't afraid to deliver the baby. Some refuse to.
**rolls eyes**

Maryanne –   – (12/26/2006 6:05 PM)  

Wow, Julie Anne...he is a BEAUTIFUL baby! Congratulations Auntie! What's his name?

Jewels  – (1/03/2007 12:02 PM)  

Congrats Auntie! What awesome pictures.

Oh and by the way, you've been tagged. You can thank me later. :)


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