Oversized Booga Bag

Oversized Booga Bag

Okay, a knitting entry has been long overdue, but here is the 2nd Booga Bag I have knit. I made it quite a bit larger than the pattern and added a pocket in the front. The measurements before felting are 17 x 20-inches. I will post the "after" pictures and felted measurements soon. The coloring is correct in the top picture. Something was funky about the lighting in the other picture.

Made with Galway yarn: The bottom is 60 stitches across for 20 rows. Bottom and top wide navy stripe = 13 rows, green stripes are all 17 rows, thin navy stripes = 3 rows. I-cord is 7 feet long.

Pocket is 30 stitches across, 46 rows. After finding center, I picked up one leg of each stitch for 30 stitches, then joined new yarn.

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