We've been on a much-deserved vacation for the last several weeks with very limited internet access. It's amazing to discover in our travels how many places are not connected with the internet. It never dawned on me until this trip how high tech our area is. So many times I have wanted to look up something pertaining to our trip, but remember I have to do it the old fashioned way - by going to the library! Crazy!
This was during our first week of vacation where we spent a day visiting the California Redwoods. This was a first time for our kids - they loved it!


No Words Necessary

Sometimes things just come together - lighting for the camera, attitudes, smiles, and you are left with pictures that make your heart all warm inside. That is what happened here. These are so precious to me, a rare treat, definitely!

And I couldn't have done it without older brother, Brown Eyes, giving them a reason to be happy:)


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