Baby Gifts

I like to knit gifts for babies and have a tried and true pattern for booties, but wanted to try a new one with thicker yarn. This is now my new favorite. It can be knit using Magic Loop Method and it is knit top down to the 2 needle bind-off at the end. Such a cute pattern! Baby Booties Without Seams (top down)

I also found a new pattern for hats. This is a very practical pattern and I love that it is so stretchy, that it will grow with the baby. I read Ravelry reviews that it lasted one baby until the age of 2! That makes sense. Ribbing is not always the most fun to knit, but combined with a cute pair of booties, it's such a cute gift idea.  This hat, too, was knit using Magic Loop method. I am still undecided on ties - perhaps i-cord.

Both of these patterns can be knit with worsted weight yarn. 


Getting in Shape

Dealing with chronic pain is not fun, so I've been researching stretching exercises to help build core strength, in addition to deep tissue massage.  Finally, I am at a point where I can start exercising again.  Here are a couple of  programs I've been doing: 

I began this program a couple years ago and didn't complete it, but did have fantastic results.  I started out by only being able to do 6 modified push-ups.  Gradually, I got to the point where I could do 35.  Now I've started again and hope to complete the program.  Into Week 3, I am able to do over 100 pushups broken up in to 5 sets.  It's amazing how good my upper body feels after doing pushups.  Doing pushups also helps with core strengthening.  If you've never done push-ups before, give it a try.  If I can do it, anyone can.  

The next program is not high impact - but a slow way to get into an exercise routine which is just what I need.  ACE's Kick-Start Workout.  I didn't want to go straight into my old exercise routine which is a lot of cardio, but build up to that level and that is just what this does.  

If nothing else, I am being proactive in getting my body in better shape and hopefully strengthening my core will help with the chronic pain issues.


Honey Cowl: Done

Finished the Honey Cowl with Madelinetosh Tosh Dk in Mansfield Party colorway. Normally I'm not into pastels, but the vibrancy of this yarn makes me happy. I like both sides of the cowl - the long stitches is the right side, but the "wrong" side reminds me of the linen stitch and is equally nice.  This was pretty tight around my neck before blocking, but loosened nicely after blocking.  I might do another one with worsted weight yarn for those really cold months.


On the needles. . . .

Life seems to be zooming by and I find that I upload my knitting projects on and my sewing projects on, but have forgotten about this poor old blog. Let's see if I can catch up. This cowl is a great knitting project for traveling, sports games, and when watching tv - very mindless knitting.  

I fell in the love with Madelinetosh's Mansfield Garden Party colorway the first time I saw it on this Honey Cowl Pattern. I highly recommend it.  It should be completed soon - woohoo!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The little boys and I made turkey softies for Thanksgiving.  The pattern uses their hand print for the body of the turkey.  I have paper hand prints of the older kids, but they remain stuck in boxes stored away.  This is a neat idea to use their hand prints on fabric to make a softie which can be used in centerpieces year after year.  Love it!
I got it the idea from this site:  Bella Dia

Happy Thanksgiving!!


The making of a TNT top: New Look 6735

What a process, whew!   This had previously been my favorite TNT top pattern, but the pattern was misplaced.  I forgot that the pattern had been altered quite a bit to become my favorite pattern.  So, I bought a new pattern and the following are my working notes:

Fabric requirements:  1-2/3 yards 60-in. wide for 3/4 length sleeve
1-1/2 for short sleeve 

1st top = hot pink =  Made Size 16.  Shaped to 18 at hips.  Added 4-1/4 in. in length (because I'm TALL).  Turned out way too big!!!  Back to the drawing table.  Neckline was too low - revealing my bra when bending over.  Gap in back neckline, wrinkly back and too loose under armholes.  Wadder!  (This knit is a rib knit with not much recovery - bad choice!)

Way too loose in the back - gaping neck, excess under arms

Too long, too big, way too low in front especially if I bend over     
2nd top = green top:  Redrew neckline, raising it about an inch, went down a size.  Still loose under arm, still gape at back and neckline. This was another rib knit with poor recovery.
Still too big in back

This fabric was horrible to work with - a cheap knit rib.  Never again!

3rd top = orange multi 3/4-length top:  Ok, this is a success! (cotton blend knit)
  • In addition to raising the neckline about one inch (from before), I altered the neckline again because felt the neck opening was too wide. 
  • Took in 1/4 inch width from armholes. 
  • Pinched a tuck in the back neckline about 1/4 inch to solve the gaping neck problem. 
  • Reduced the added length from 4-1/4 to 3-1/4 in..  Previous adjustment was too long.
  • Added 3/8- in. width to neckline binding piece.  
  • Decreased length of binding piece by total of 2 inches. 
Finally a winner!  Made 3/4-in. sleeves, fixed the gaping back issue, the excess under arms.  Yea!     


Pumpkin Patch

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Playing Around Home

Fantastic bike trails nearby

Sweet Brothers


New Kind of Fun

Our new home is located very close to a river.  Dh bought a used boat off Craigslist and are taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  It was 75 and gorgeous today.  While they are boating, I think I'll head downstairs and do something productive in the sewing room. 


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