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Life seems to be going at such a fast pace. This is the kind of activity that has been consuming me lately. I've been accompanying daily at the local high school. I used to accompany only my daughter's class, but lately have been accompanying as needed with another choir and it has taken a good bit of time.

In other news, my husband was laid off last year in February. In June, took a 6-month contract job located 4 hours from home (coming home on the weekends). A week or so ago, he signed on with this company as a permanent employee. We are very thankful to have permanent job status, but sad in that it means we will have to leave what has home for over ten years with so many friends, family, and memories and move four hours away and start over. This will no doubt be a challenge for us a family, but in Oregon's economy (with more than 10% unemployment and not much hope for improvement in his field), it made sense to take what was available. Four hours is not too far from family.

So now we begin the process of decluttering and preparing our house to put on the market. Life is never dull, is it?

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